March 2015 – London
The Food Detective was initially an Instagram account with a single concept; to always share three pictures for every restaurant review. Why? We believed three photos were the right number to give our followers a better idea about the places we were going to but also because if you look at how Instagram is set up, it seems quite obvious that 3 is the number!

January 2016 – Geneva
We went for a classic food blog linked to a Facebook, Instagram & Twitter account to grow our community of foodies and make food reviews great again! Yes, we decided that this little hobby had to become a full-time job if we wanted to pursue our mission and tell the truth about restaurants all around the world!

June 2016  – Geneva went live! It felt like the dream came true. We developed an initial idea and from that moment on, we had a fully functional website that was doing exactly what we were imagining in back in the day. How so? To collaborate with professional foodies from across the world by posting one single restaurant review of their cities. Why? Simply because locals know best about their city and by posting only on high-quality restaurants we could make sure that our users would finally have a website to refer to when it came to eating!


Our goal is to inform our online users about the latest and trendiest food spots around the globe. Our professional and passionate team of Food Detective’s rate food based on five extremely important factors that we developed after weeks of research and collecting feedback from eaters all around the world. Moreover, given that we know you guys are in love with food maps we are developing arrays of food guides for every city of our planet! We provide more than just savvy filters, the food detective delivers the full package to social eaters! When we meet people who are passionate about food and who share our intrinsic values, we invite them to join the team. Follow the journey as we are developing The Food Detective to “Make Food reviews great again“.

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Our recipes are all about bringing quality and professionalism to your kitchen. This is why we always make sure every recipe is developed by a professional in the field. All year long we have reached out to food bloggers, chefs and recipe developers to bring new flavours to your table.
Is that it? NO! We believe that each recipe must be done by using the right products which is why we are doing our best to showcase and provide you various food brands and ingredients that you can purchase online to make sure you will use the right ingredient. Surprise your dates or friends with our new recipes!

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In April 2017 we thought it would be a good idea to launch an F&B marketplace where every food brand, decoration items and kitchen tools can be represented online. After two months of coding, talking and brainstorming, we launched what we like to call “The market“. Therefore, if you are one of those brands that want to increase their online visibility, grow sales and reach out to users and restaurants on The Food Detective, feel free to hit the button down below. Fill out the form and start uploading products online. If you need help do not hesitate on contacting us at We will get back to you shortly.  

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We are always looking for foodies to join our family. Are you passionate about food, restaurants, guides or recipes? Then you are at the right place. Yes, you should hit that button down below and join us online! Why? Simply because we will soon reveal the world something that will totally change the way food reviews are done. Really? We advise you not to miss out this opportunity. Be part of our online community and say “Yes, I want to be a food detective“.

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