The Genevian Pizza game was pretty much the same for the past two decades. If you were not sitting at Da Paolo, you were 200m away at Da Gabriele. Those who have not changed their menu or dough for the past 20 years are now pretty much fighting to stay alive ever since the big players decided to join the city of peace.

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2015-09-14-11.33.44-1-1-800x800Nero’s Pizza (Food truck) – 7.7/10

You probably have to work or study from Monday to Sunday right ? Plus during breaks you always feel like you have no time to eat anywhere and feel guilty when you take those extra 30 minutes that are usually putting a grimace on your boss face…

IMG_2358DAJE ! – 7.1/10

It’s certainly not your average Pizzeria. Indeed, this roman pizzeria will probably catch your attention whilst just walking by. No tables, no waiters… Wait, what?… In Geneva? YES! DAJE serves only sliced pizza on-the go, in need of a quick lunch? Or a snack to fuel you up in between your shopping, this place offers the perfect supplement.

Luigia46-800x800Luigia– 7/10

You most probably heard about this restaurant. They posses the widest range of Pizzas (Napoli) in Geneva. Do not forget to order the Pizza Luigia. Located in Rue Adrien-Lachenal 24.

Camillo’s – 6.8/10

serves the best Burrata Pizza of Switzerland. Apart from burratas, you can order some funky pizzas with different kinds of cheese (Caprices des dieux).

Fichier_001-12-e1469701499400-800x800Pizza Leggera – 6.1/10

is the place to have a pizza if you have gluten intolerance. Yes! They do have gluten free pizzas with a light and crusty bread. Located in Rue Adrien-Lachenal 6.