The Burger list ?

You certainly have a precise idea of the captital’s best burgers. However, we would like to challenge your thoughts with this little burger guide.

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KI-NOVA-23-571x800Ki-Nova – 9.3/10

Modern society always throws major decisions at us. Barriers. Hurdles. Life or death choices. Those daily, almost hourly, pains in your stomach that have your head throbbing and spinning. Okay, yes, they are only hunger pains, but those are pretty much (or what can feel like) the most painful, life altering and challenging in life. When these hunger pains kick in, the last thing you want to be dealing with is what cuisine will cure you of all agony and starvation. The answer is Ki-Nova.

LOUIS-BURGERS-42-571x800Louis Burgers – 9.1/10

Let’s confess, we have all had one. The wet, greasy, burger that defines the word minimalist because of it’s lack of even the main ingredient, meat. But this type of burger shouldn’t even be eaten as that last resort hangover cure. There is no nutrition, taste or slightest bodily benefit at all.

BBI-8-571x800Berlin Burger International – 8.3/10

Sometimes a good challenge in life can make or break your day… So imagine this. Your eyes focus on a sesame seed bun, sourced from a small local Berlin bakery, that has been sliced in half. It is placed on top of the grill and within a mere 3 minutes, the halves are lifted from the hot top, releasing puffs of steam that float from the deep golden brown, chard surface.

Tommis_Joint_Burger_Berlin3Tommi’s Burger Joint – 8.1/10

No doubts; you already had a friend that told you about this great burger place also known as Tommi’s. The place where burgers are damn good, inside a tender bun with fries that are perfectly cooked and finally where sauces are all looking tremendously fantastic.

YELLOW-SUNSHINE-17-571x800Yellow Sunshine Burgers – 8/10

A perfect location for those requesting vegan or vegetarian friendly fast food. Located near a central Kreuzberg park, Yellow Sunshine Burgers’ employs a unique concept that has captured the attention of those who avoid eating meat due to their mistreatment but crave the meaty taste.