Do you eat, sleep and breathe food? We are certain you spend most days dining out and we bet your camera roll is full of appealing and mouth watering dishes. If you identify yourself on what you have just read, perhaps you are the one we are looking for. 

A food detective’s motto is to rebuild trust in the rating scene. We help users find their perfect restaurant match by sharing curated and honest food reviews. Our detectives will always pay the bill, which guarantees that their opinion is not influenced by restaurant managers/owners. 

We are currently seeking for professionals in the food field with a set of ‘must have’ soft skills such as being artistically inclined, open-minded, critic, observant, and passionate about their craft. Each detective will cover a specific region. Commonly, they take in charge of the city where they live in. We reckon locals are the best guides for eatery maps. 

The advantages of being a Food Detective? 

We are a platform that strengthens the engagement between our users and influencers. Our infrastructure enables you to share content to our viewers from all across the world. Our goal is to upscale your online visibility and recognition by enlarging your figures. Also, we feature you on all of our socials every time you publish new content. We take care of our detectives by investing in Training and Development. Therefore, we organise team events throughout the year as well as private tutorials to improve your food game.

However, expect a challenging selection process. All candidates must undergo an extremely meticulous series of exams where we evaluate amongst others, your photography knowledge, and your storytelling capacity to capture the reader’s attention. We have developed the ultimate rating sheet which our detectives use as their guide to judge restaurants with a critical eye. 

If you are keen on applying, please e-mail Ted at    
Attach your CV and a love letter about the food that matters to most to you. Be creative and fun ! 

If you have a true passion for food, this is your place.

I am ready!