Bakery House Roma


A bakery from the true and deep american taste. Stripy light green wallpaper all around, pleasant background music and a mesmerising smell of pancakes and coffee can be felt from the entrance. If you wish to experience a proper american bakery in Rome, there is no other place than Bakery House in Ponte Milvio. Here you can taste all of the classical american delights in one of the most beautiful areas of Rome.

It was a perfect Sunday morning to stroll around this beautiful city. We bumped into the Bakery House. It was fairly easy to get a table. You should go for pancakes with fresh fruits, which is accompanied by maple syrup and melted dark chocolate. Their american coffee with a sip of soy milk was delicious. To complete your USA dream, order a dish of fried eggs with toasts and vegetables. It doesn’t take long til you are served. The Bakery House thought of every little detail, if you’re eating outdoors they offer you a warm blanket to cover yourself. Pancakes were soft and spongy, fruits were fresh and all of them ended in -berries. It was fantastic. Sunny side up eggs were fried to perfection; the yolk stayed soft, allowing you to dip your wholemeal toast in it. The vegetables around the plate made the dish look more appetising.

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly, frequently asking if everything was of our liking. You can really feel the vibes of those New York bakeries on Broadway, but you don’t have to move from Rome. It’s definitely a place to go back.

Corso Trieste 157
Roma 00199 Lazio IT
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