Berlin Burger International (BBI)

Sometimes a good challenge in life can make or break your day… So imagine this.

Your eyes focus on a sesame seed bun, sourced from a small local Berlin bakery, that has been sliced in half. It is placed on top of the grill and within a mere 3 minutes, the halves are lifted from the hot top, releasing puffs of steam that float from the deep golden brown, chard surface. You notice the placement of the bottom half of the bun on the chopping board. A large homemade and freshly grilled 100% beef patty that drips it’s juices during the transportation from heat to it’s final life destination, snuggled against the warm bun. Squirts of tomato sauce and mayonnaise are squished by thin slices of onion, tomato and long slippery gherkins segments. Fresh arugula, mounded and falling around the circular surface, begins to build such height. Thin, crispy and curly fried sweet potatoes along with spoonfuls of guacamole are propped on top. The bun lid looms closer as it is fitted, being slightly squished to keep its position. The finished product is a mountain high, eye gouging, mouth watering burger.

These burgers are definitely more than just your average burger.  Most burgers certainly are not served with such a range or variety of toppings. Each burger has been crafted to target different flavours, tastes and personal preferences. Vegetarian and chicken options are available and clear rivals to those beef burgers.

The small street-stall style shop front certainly makes up for size in their burgers. So I propose this challenge to spice up your day. Try fit one of the freshly prepared, gourmet and forever growing burgers at BBI, into your mouth. It is possible and enjoyable at the same time.

Pannierstraße 5
Berlin 12047 Berlin DE
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OUR RATING 8.3/10 PRICE/PERSON 3 - 10 € OPENING HOURS Mon - Thu | 12PM - 11PM Fri - Sat | 12PM - 12AM (midnight) Sun | 12PM - 10PM