Asian food has become the equivalent of H&M. Its extremely appealing and is globally available. The bases of the Korean cuisine – mixing of natural and human environments with a large emphasis being the accompanying dishes that play with different tastes and textures – has been forgotten in order to be sold at cheap or affordable prices in a mass consumed way. The modern world has been shown a consumerist perception of Korean food. Pacifico has changed this way and sheds light on the variety of senses used in the human body when tasting the Korean cuisine.

Pacifico is a pioneer for all Korean restaurants as they have successfully been able to morph the demand of the contemporary world with the ability to showcase the truth of Korean gastronomy. Based on the style of street food, although having a small inside and outside seating area available, each dish projects unique flavours incorporated in traditional Korean cooking and is sold at extremely fair prices for the quality you receive.

The standout aspect at Pacifico is the smallish menu that offers just as many accompanying dishes as mains. It has a changing special, roughly every month, as well as a Wednesday night special that really compliments the menu as it brings together parts of the Korean side dishes as well as new and exciting forms on modern classics. Something that really took me by surprise was the Wednesday night “Poke Bowl” special of grilled octopus, sea asparagus, seaweed and sticky Korean rice, topped with edible flowers – a mix of textures and new flavours authentic to Korea but adapted in a perfect way to the modern day Western context and at a price that almost seems like a joke.

The Korean tacos – based on the bao bun exterior and the concept of the Mexican taco classic – is certainly an all time winner. The fluffiness of the bao bun is really extenuated when it basically melts in your mouth. Each filling has its own crunch, spice and nuttiness that adds to the smoothness of the taco bun. The fired chicken and the vegan/vegetarian crispy tofu are two unbeatable options.

Craving Korean food yet? Don’t stop at second best, especially when it comes to food. Try authentic Korean food in a contemporary form and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Berlin 10969 DE
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Price/Person 4-14 €
Opening Hours
Monday 12pm-10:30pm
Monday 12pm-10:30pmTuesday 12pm-10:30pmWednesday 12pm-10:30pmThursday 12pm-10:30pmFriday 12pm-11pmSaturday 12pm-11pmSunday Closed
Payment MethodsCash, Credit cards & Debit cards

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