Chuan Shui Yao (川水谣)

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Our quest is to find the most authentic Chinese restaurant in town. Most of you might be thinking that it’s an easy task. Well… there are trillions of Chinese spots and we’ve tried a fair amount of them looking for the real flavours that we recall from when we were living in China.

Don’t expect rice and spring rolls here guys, the menu is fully written in Chinese. Either you are a master in this hard language or you better be brave enough to eat whatever they are up to bring you.

They have plenty of choices. You can find from the Shao Kao 烧烤 (the typical street bbq food) to the Huo Guo 火锅 (typical Mongolian dish known as Hot Pot) as well as lot of typical dishes that will transfer your taste buds to the Forbidden city.

If you need a piece of advise, you should order the following dishes; the spicy beef, okra or fragant potato (taro), house special tofu and any of their home-made noodles, especially the one with pork and cucumber. Their barbecue is also pretty good, don’t miss the lamb kidneys!! Pray a bit before getting to the restaurant because they are not always available…

The place itself is nothing classy or fashionable. It is more like those dark and smelly spots, nothing about it invites to get in. If you are brave enough to break that first barrier, congratulations! It’s your time to enjoy Chinese gastronomy at its best.

– Spicy Beef

– Okra

– Tofu Chuan Shui Yao style

– Wenzhou style Noodles

– Any of their BBQ. Specially Lamb Kidneys.

Calle de Ferroviarios 13
Madrid 28026 Comunidad de Madrid ES
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Price/Person€ 15
Opening Hours
Monday 1pm-12:30am
Monday 1pm-12:30amTuesday 1pm-12:30amWednesday 1pm-12:30amThursday 1pm-12:30amFriday 1pm-12:30amSaturday 1pm-12:30amSunday 1pm-12:30am
Avg. waiting timeLess than 5 minutes
Payment MethodsCash, Credit cards & Debit cards

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