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What does Common Chefs mean? Chefs in a common place? Everyone’s Chefs? We don’t know but it sure catches on!

We love cafés here in Singapore because the food always take adventurous and experimental turns. It might not always be a successful dish but it would pipe interest in the world of food!

The most memorable dish of the night was the Rich Man. Take that chorizo, minced it into patty, add scrambled egg and proceed to MURDER the heck out of it with nacho cheese. Oh yes!

Please let this burger be a keeper because it could be their signature dish. You gotta throw your weighing scale away though. #worthit

While 100 other places serves french fries, Common Chefs takes the uncommon route of Tatter Tots! It’s like mini hash brown bites but crisper. We think that their Truffle Mayo is excellent for this!

Goodbye fried chicken waffles and hello Okonomiyaki Wazza! It’s a Pizza and Waffle at the same time. We are impressed by the fusion of the east and the west but hope that they would have other flavours besides tuna.

The safety net of Common Chefs is Shepherd Pie, the cheesy mash with minced pork can’t go wrong.

What’s the next invention they would have? Only time will tell.

Rich Man


Shepherd Pie

Jalan Legundi 8
Singapore 759274 SG
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Price/PersonSG$ 15
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