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At Tak Tak, your wish is their command. Eating whilst travelling to countries around the world pretty much goes hand in hand. You stack a few extra kilograms on, although this never really fazes you, because each bite of food has given you the taste of a world away from home and understanding of the endless variety of food we have on offer. It is needless to say, however, that no one has the time or the money to travel simply to treat themselves to different cuisines. But never fear, as Tak Tak is here!

Owner, Karol Kiesierski, founded a new and exciting street food style deli in central Mitte at the end of 2015 that is built on his passion of sharing a small part of his Polish heritage. Growing up with his extended family in a small area in Poland, it was from a young age that Karol was shown the traditional Polish cuisine. When he moved to Berlin, there was no other option for him – he wanted to share a part of his culinary history with Berliners and many travels who passed through the German capital compared to his home town.

You maybe thinking, this is just a typical advertisement for the selling of “traditional” food, however, there is something special about Tak Tak that reveals you are certainly holding a part of modern and historical Poland. Each dumpling is made from scratch by Karol’s extended family in Poland and twice a week he returns home to serve to you, the exact dish that has run within multiple generations of their family line. The menu is very simple – there are two main selections and within each there are both meat or vegetarian options available. The traditional Pierogi’s are small steamed dumplings with a variety of fillings such a beetroot and goats cheese or turkey, tomato and feta as well as the hearty stews called Bigos. The bigos is known as the “left over stew” as typically it is made from the remaining parts of meat and vegetables. Needless to say, however, that you are certainly not eating scraps of meat and vegetables – he has adapted this recipe and also a tofu version is available too.

Now selling his product in several markets around Berlin, there is no excuse for not trying the Polish cuisine.



Brunnenstraße 5
Berlin 10119 Berlin DE
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Price/Person € 3-8
Opening Hours
Friday 12pm-10pm
Monday 12pm-10pmTuesday 12pm-10pmWednesday 12pm-10pmThursday 12pm-10pmFriday 12pm-10pmSaturday 12pm-10pmSunday 12pm-10pm
Avg. waiting time10 minutes
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