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Pizza. It’s one of those funny love hate relationships for humans. On the one hand, you cannot live without it… the cravings for the soft oven baked dough thats covered in oozing melted cheese and a range of fresh layered extras, is real and always hovering. On the other hand, it seems that an increasing amount of times you meet that pizza slice face to face and the tastes and textures are cringe worthy, meaning you could really part ways with the almost life long pizza partner. So how can the enjoyment of taking a pizza box as your plus one to those summer picnics or that late night “too tired to make dinner” excuse be replenished? Vadoli’s contemporary adaptation pushes these problems out the window.

Owner Beschir Hussain, has developed a game changer for those pizza lovers. His concept is simple – pizza that can be eaten on the spot, in the restaurant or with equal quality in the comfort of your own home. Within the modern day, the idea of using a wood oven pizza oven is everything. Its the be-all-or-end-all for marketing as well now being necessary for the human psyche to conceptualise or pinpoint a good pizza. At Vadoli, they are pioneering the production of pizza as well as its over quality, all based in the cooking process. Funnily enough this means not cooking pizza in the famous wood oven. Cooking their pizzas in a gas oven, shaped similar to a wood oven, has resulted in the dough staying light and fluffy in the centre part of the crust and crisp on the exterior. You may have your concerns or even frankly not believe this in the slightest (which I have to confess, I did). Boy, was I wrong and I even tested it! I had day old pizza that was still as though it came out of the oven…

The baby shrimp pizza (either in the traditional tomato sauce base or the “blanc” white base) with buffalo mozzarella was my favourite. The slight crunch from the shrimp really complimented the creaminess of the cheese. The salami and slow roasted pepper with basil pizza was also extremely delicious.

When we come to rely and love type so much, that a whole culture develops around it, we often forget about new and exciting was to better the food scene. This initiative is certainly one and it will sure open doors for the way you view pizza.



Kantstraße 55
Berlin 10627 Berlin DE
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Price/Person € 4-10
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Friday 11am-10:45pm
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