Speciality Cafe Guide to Berlin

Dear coffee lovers, Berlin has recently become one of the world’s leading destinations for specialty coffee. This is why we have carefully selected the best coffee makers of Berlin. We made sure you’ll never have a bad sip !

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2016.02.05-THE-BARN_-8-571x800The Barn – 8,9/10

Bitesize snacks such as cookies, croissants and small sandwiches are freshly made at a local bakery and brought in daily.  However, the focus and shining star is hands down the coffee. Ralf, the owner, strives to provide Berlin locals, tourists and other passers-by a pure coffee experience, never mixing together beans from different regions.  He’s a coffee purist and his product speaks for itself.

19-GRAMS-22-572x80019 Grams – 8,9/10

Do you choose that healthy filling meal with a poor effort in the caffeine department or do you go that perfect cup of liquid gold to awaken, enlighten and revitalise your midday blues, but nothing much to fill your stomach? At 19 Grams, they provide a cure to this often growing problem.

CHARLES-VEGAN-4-572x800Charlie’s Vegan Food and Coffee – 8,5/10

Many often relate vegan food to bland meals consisting of little more than vegetables on a plate, often with the tagline RAW…*shudders*. Although this wouldn’t be all bad, Charlie’s cafe in Berlin makes vegan eating and drinking much more pleasurable than we’ve been led to think. Yes, we say this almost erotically because the food is essentially orgasmic. Apologies for the vulgarity, but at least now we’re on the same page.

Le_Bon_Berlin1Le Bon – 8,5/10

A glass of rose, home-made lemonade or that perfect cup of coffee made to order are simply the most comforting when traveling, taking a break from work or just quenching one’s thirst. So why not do it in style and along side gourmet, hand-crafted food?

AHORN-572x800Ahorn Cafe – 7,8/10

Ahorn is situated along side the canal in Kreuzberg and the over growing and intertwining tree branches that act as a natural shade can be described as nothing else other than a truly magical and escape within Berlin. Also within walking distance is the Jewish museum, dedicated to paying tribute and sharing historical information of World War Two, which is certainly a must when visiting Berlin.

Nano_Kaffee_Berlin4-572x800Nano Kaffee – 7,7/10

Nano Kaffee got everything figured out since day one. They brew their coffee with “La Marzocco”, the Ferrari of the coffee machine industry. As Henry Ford once said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. At Nano’s you can look, and you can even touch.

BONANZA-20-571x800Bonanza – 7,4/10

Bonanza coffee is a perfect location of a quick cup of on-site roasted, specialty coffee and a small bite to keep you battling whatever is planned afterwards. Unfortunately there is not anything other than small pastries or sweets, which in someways leaves a part of a hungry worker or traveler, empty. What is on offer, however, are certainly minimalistic but delicious edible fuel made fresh daily.