The Tinder date

She is down for it and you realise you don’t have ANYTHING planned. Are you thinking a Netflix and Chill night can work? The real world is way different my friend, unless you are a huge gambler. Knowing you certainly don’t want to end up with her at the burger next door, what do you do? Stop hyperventilating, The Food Detective has selected some of the most Tinderlicious places in town to bring your potential future hook-up, companion, wife,  out on a date!

We thought of locations that offer discretion, style and of course some good food.  You’ll minimise the chances of meeting your whole family, your friends or even your EX.

Our selection of Bars

Our selection of Restaurants


  • The Romantic – Le Décanteur + L’Atelier cocktail
  • The Daddy – L’Artichaut + L’Etabli
  • The Player – Pakùpakù + Qu’importe
  • The Kisser – Little India +  Boat to Eaux Vives + Yvette de Marseille
  • The Baller – Chez Philippe + Arthurs