S/he is totally down for it and most probably you don’t have ANYTHING in mind… Are you thinking of an IMAX and Climax kind of night? The real world is for the brave ones that get out of their comfort zone. Plus, you don’t want to bring your date to the burger next door, unless you are a huge gambler! Don’t worry, as always The Food Detective has got you all covered. We have selected some of the most Tinderlicious places to bring out your potential hook-up, future wife, or soon-to-be girlfriend on a date!

We thought of places that offer discretion, style, and good food. Your date will fall in love with you and you’ll surely be playing with low chances of meeting your family, a good old friend or an EX.

Our selections of restaurants


Our selection of Bars


Our selection of Restaurants 

Our best Combos

  • The Romantic – Opso + Purl
  • The Dancer – Dishoom + Nightjar
  • The Stylish  – Yauatcha + Cahoots
  • The Daddy – Chotto Matte + Experiental cocktail Club
  • The Kisser – Osteria del Mercato + Sushi Samba Bar