Authenticity matters. Every decision we take determines the things we believe in. It conveys who we are. The fact of not being someone else but ourselves puts us in a vulnerable position where people can feel safe. In such context, it is possible to build a priceless value known as trust. In order to be honest and fully transparent to the world, we want to explain to you a few aspects on how it works at The Food Detective. How do we build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships? How do we select restaurants? How do we recruit? How do we work with our food detectives? Our purpose is to tell you the why of our story.

Not everyone can become a food detective!
Our primary goal was and still is to create the biggest online community of food critics, gastronomy specialists, all-star chefs and professional food bloggers. We make sure that our detectives are hard workers and passionate about their craft. By doing so, we can deliver creative content with upmost quality. On top of that, we don’t accept FOC tastings. We always pay for the bill to have an unbiased opinion. We also go back undercover to every restaurant we rated to update our previous statements. Ratings will vary, it is up to the restaurant’s service to make the score increase or even decrease. Consequently, our readers will be the huge winners of these decisions.

Candidates wanting to joins us will have to meet a specific criterion. Expect a challenging selection process. All candidates must undergo an extremely meticulous series of exams.  Do you want to be part of the 2 out of 10 people who manage to get through our selection process? To be eligible for the first round of interviews each applicant must have an F&B experience with references, run a food blog, have a nice portfolio of outstanding food pictures and know by heart the food scene going on their own city. We are currently seeking for professionals in the food field with a set of ‘must have’ soft skills such as being artistically inclined, open-minded, critic, observant, and passionate about their craft.

Our Restaurant Selection
What you need to know about the eateries we post online is pretty simple and straightforward. We love hidden gems, locally known places and secret spots where you’d never been before. Restaurants, bars, food trucks, food markets, cafés and ice-cream shops that have a soul, an innovative concept and of course amazing food. However, what you’ll certainly never see on The Food Detective are junk food places, chain restaurants, low quality kebabs and places that have pizza and sushi on the same menu…

Incentives, Rewards and Love
We have developed a program where you can register your information and suggest eateries in order to cover the international food scene. The outcome will be a world map with the best places to eat. Help everyone eat well anywhere at any time. Once you register online you can choose either to be paid or to receive gifts, such as vouchers for our e-shop or free tickets for food events. And last but not least, love, a whole lotta love.

Fakesters and Fraudsters
We take care of users. It’s very important for us to preserve this foodie paradise where recipe developers, restaurants and businesses get together. To prevent all types of online incidents (such as fake accounts) you need to know that every single piece of content that lands on our platform is triple checked before going live. All violations of our policy will result in an account suspension.